Frequently Asked Questions

We have a wide selection of domestic and exotic lumber and slabs. With over 40 species on-site at any given time, your best bet is to shoot us an email or stop on by!

We are a full tree-to-table company and offer everything from milling to finishing work. For more information, please check out our Custom Woodworking and Services pages!

Yes! We offer custom design services for your perfect piece. Our talented team of woodworkers and artisans will work closely with you to bring your vision to life. With our $350 design fee, you will own the design drawing, giving you the flexibility to have someone else build it or take on the project yourself. If you decide to have us build it, the $350 design fee will be credited towards the price of the build. Let’s collaborate and create something truly special together at Niceville Slabs and Cookies! 🛠️🪚🌳