In-Shore Fish Red Gum Coffee Table #1350

Now this is a coffee table that’s not just furniture, but a breathtaking work or art – crafted with precision and infused with creativity. At its heart lies a mesmerizing river of epoxy, elegantly flowing through the center. Here intricate in-shore fish inlays come to life, each meticulously handcrafted and integrated with the liquid like surface.

This underwater tableau captures the essence of nature’s beauty, frozen in time, offering a glimpse into an aquatic realm that stirs the imagination. Completing the ensemble is a sleek black metal base that allows the table to stand boldly as a statement piece while effortlessly supporting its artistic weight.

This coffee table measures 17-3/4″ x 19-1/2″ x 48″. This item is what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Pictures are not a representative photo; this is the exact item you’re ordering.