From Custom design to shop services, we're certain to have what you're looking for.

Custom Woodworking

Bringing visions to life. If you have a custom project you’d like to discuss, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have the experience and equipment to handle custom jobs, big or small.

Commissioning custom wood pieces is more than a task or shopping for a product. It’s an experience. Our team will work with you to make sure we design and create something that reflects your space, taste, and is a functional art piece that will last for generations.

We love to work with individuals, families, businesses, designers, architects, and more to curate spaces and elevate them to a level only possible through handmade, one-of-a-kind furniture, design pieces, and beautiful live-edge creations.

Reach out today for a quote and to discuss bringing your dream space to life, from tree-to-table.

Slab Flattening

Even the most beautifully milled slab needs some TLC before it can be worked with and brought to its fullest potential.

If you need slab flattening services, we’ve got you covered. With our 6’ x 16’ slab flattening table, we can process your slabs to be the perfect canvas for your next project.

Please call for current rates and estimated wait time

Sawmilling Services

From tree-to-table and every step in between, you can trust us to deliver exceptional service with the highest quality. Slabs, boutique cuts, dimensional lumber, turning stock, and more. You specify it, and we’ll mill it.

We have a range of experience and expertise with custom and boutique sawmilling. From slabs to custom cuts, specifications for built-ins, designer furniture, home renovation needs, and more, we would love to work with you on your project.

Please call for current rates and estimated wait time

*For large jobs, contact us for our rates on portable mill services.

Kiln Drying Services

The beauty of a kiln is that green wood goes in, and lumber comes out. Green wood isn’t necessarily great for things like building homes or furniture, but high-quality kiln-dried lumber is perfect. 

The kiln drying process doesn’t just add value to the wood. It serves to bring green wood products to moisture content levels that will incur minimal moisture or insect-related damage.  Without kiln drying, your lumber is subject to such problems as warping and twisting, binding or kicking during machining, and/or adhesive failures in product finishing. 

Kiln-drying is a crucial process for working with high-quality wood products and one we are happy to offer to our customers.

Rates: TBD

Shop Services

If you find yourself in need of a machine you currently lack, we can offer assistance through our Shop Services for your project, providing the necessary cuts or other tasks. 

We have a fully functional workshop and a variety of machines available to help with your project including; 8” helical head jointer, 20” helical head planer, 50” dual-drum sander, 18” bandsaw (resaw capability 12”), 7” moulder/planer, CNC, Festool line of tools, and a 17” drill press.